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99% Find Webinars Useful

It’s a pretty staggering number when you think about it. Feedback from attendees of webinars shows that some 99% find them to be a worthwhile way to spend part of your day. If you haven’t tapped into this valuable resource, … Continue reading

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Speaking opportunities

I get a lot of offers to speak at various events throughout the world. Far more than I can attend myself. For those events that I am unable to attend, I try to find somebody (preferably from the local area) … Continue reading

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Eclipse and Java EE Development

I’ve managed to pick up some extra responsibilities for the upcoming JavaPolis 2007 conference in Antwerp, Belgium. In addition to the talk on Mylyn that I’ve been planning to do for a while now, I’ve recently been coerced (in a … Continue reading

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EclipseCon 2008 Submission deadline approaching

The submission deadline for EclipseCon talk proposals is November 19th. Get your proposal in today!

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Eclipse Forms: New in 3.3

Adam Archer’s article, Eclipse Forms: New in 3.3, is now available on Eclipse Corner Articles. In this article, Adam extends the basics covered in Dejan Glozic’s Eclipse Forms: Rich UI for the Rich Client. In the article, Adam discusses the … Continue reading

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Got a good JSP plug-in?

I was asked recently if I knew of a good JSP editor for Eclipse. The easiest answer is to look at the Web Tools 2.0, part of the Europa release and available from the Europa update site, which includes a … Continue reading

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We get a lot of calls at the Foundation from people who are looking for Eclipse-related services. If you’re looking for services focused on Eclipse technology, check out Eclipse Plug-in Central‘s Training and Consulting page.

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Over the past week or so, I’ve been discussing how you can make your objects adaptable into different forms. This is great for getting your objects to tightly integrate with existing parts of the Eclipse infrastructure, while remaining loosely coupled … Continue reading

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