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Unit tests with a “Real” Server

Normally, I like to make my unit tests so that they do not depend on external things running. As a general rule, I try to write tests that prove that the logic in my code works. While I care that … Continue reading

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Evangelism Scalability

I’ve been having a hard time scaling this year. I’ve received far more requests for appearances than I’ve been able to satisfy. With this in mind, I’m undertaking an effort to update the Eclipse Evangelism site to be more useful … Continue reading

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Defining Generics with UML Templates

We’ve just published a new article on Eclipse Corner titled “Defining Generics with UML Templates” by James Bruck: Generics in Java have been around for a while but support for mapping generically specified artifacts in UML to their Ecore representation … Continue reading

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RAP, Giggling, Creation Reviews, Java EE, Eclipse, and JavaPolis

Every time I look at RAP, I break into giggling fits. This stuff is just plain cool (though it does make it hard to convince my wife that I am indeed working in my home office, but I digress…) I’m … Continue reading

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