Evangelism Scalability

I’ve been having a hard time scaling this year. I’ve received far more requests for appearances than I’ve been able to satisfy. With this in mind, I’m undertaking an effort to update the Eclipse Evangelism site to be more useful (or, to put it another way… useful). I’ve started some work already, but I’ll start in earnest in the new year.

My plan is to first make the presentations I use at conferences, user groups, and other forums available. The plan includes providing an abstract for the presentation along with the materials in open document and PDF format. Some of these presentations are already available as Eclipse Resources. I’ve been spending some of my time recently adding presenter notes to some of the presentations I use the most. The presentations (and accompanying materials) will be made available under the EPL.

I’ve already started collecting names of folks who are interested in talking at some of these events. When I get a request to speak at an event that I can’t get to, I put the requester in contact with one or more of those interested speakers. I then leave it to the speakers to sort out arrangements for the event.

I’ve already got a pretty impressive list of speakers, but given how many people in the world care about Eclipse topics, I can always use more. If you’d like to be part of the excitement, let me know. And, as always, if you want some Eclipse content at your user group, conference, meeting, or whatever, let me know (wayne at eclipse dot org).

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One Response to Evangelism Scalability

  1. Eric Rizzo says:

    I might be interested. It appears my emails to you are not getting through. Please contact me via any of the methods I sent in our original correspondence.

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