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BoF BoF bo BoF, banane manane a fo FoF, …

The BoF submissions for EclipseCon 2008 are starting to pile up. You can view them here. Sadly, none of them have descriptions that rival the Mylyn one in comedic value, but there’s still time. In terms of popularity, it seems … Continue reading

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Klingon? Why not?

I think that I may have had something to do with this… A few months back, I made a crack to Denis that it’d only be a matter of time before somebody submitted Klingon translations for Eclipse. Imagine that, Eclipse … Continue reading

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On again, BoF again

I’ve started to go through some of the BoF submissions for EclipseCon, and came across this gem: Mylyn Bashing, Brainstorming and Beer BOF On Mylyn we typically perform UI reviews on conference calls and bug reports. This one will be … Continue reading

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Using the Eclipse Workbench

Mark Dexter’s done it again. If you’re new to the Eclipse Workbench and need a tour, take a look here. For the uninitiated, the workbench is the focal point of an IDE built on Eclipse. If you’re thinking, for example, … Continue reading

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Eclipse on Four Operating Systems

Last week, I successfully fixed the Ubuntu 7.10 installation my laptop (a Dell D820). I had been experiencing several bizarre problems; most of them unquantifiable. It just didn’t work “right”. One of the more quantifiable problems was some Java instability. … Continue reading

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Here’s a great time way to kill an hour… Add a table to your view and neglect to set widths on the columns. Hilarity ensues. Pebkac.

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DeferredContentProvider: My new favourite thing

I’ve built two tables over the past two days and both of them are pretty expensive to populate. Leaving the user waiting while you run off and fetch all the data before you can display the table is bad form. … Continue reading

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