BoF BoF bo BoF, banane manane a fo FoF, …

The BoF submissions for EclipseCon 2008 are starting to pile up. You can view them here. Sadly, none of them have descriptions that rival the Mylyn one in comedic value, but there’s still time.

In terms of popularity, it seems that the Mega Modeling Mania BoF is the current front runner. While I probably wouldn’t have listed quite so many presenters, the effect is the same. As I said in a previous post, I intend to accept and schedule the most popular BoF entries into the first 10% of available space. After that, they’ll be scheduled in a first-come, first-served fashion. If you want to be sure that a particular BoF will happen, add your comments to the entry!

Submitters: I’m not sure what resources will be available in the rooms. If you need a projector, for example, please add a comment to the proposal letting me know. I’ll do my best, but I cannot guarantee anything at this point. Please also let me know (via comments) if there are any constraints on timing; again, I’ll do my best.

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2 Responses to BoF BoF bo BoF, banane manane a fo FoF, …

  1. Bjorn Freeman-Benson says:

    Wayne, I’ve updated the description of BOFs on the EclipseCon website ( to explain that there are no projectors at BOFs. Nor microphones. FYI.

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