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Stupid Eclipse Tricks

I’ve done this so many times… Today I downloaded the Ganymede M5 release of Eclipse for RCP/Plug-in Developers and did what I always do: Create a link of the eclipse executable, using the handy icon.xpm graphic, and drag the combination … Continue reading

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Writing a bundle-based server application

Building server-based applications with Equinox is getting easier. The Equinox project’s server team has created a short tutorial that describes how to get a servlet up and running using a handful of bundles on the Equinox framework. The best part … Continue reading

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Services, services everywhere!

I’ve spent a few hours over the last few days reworking parts of my Eclipse Organizer example that I intend to contribute to the Eclipse Examples Project. Mostly, I’ve been working on introducing OSGi Services into the mix. Frankly, I’m … Continue reading

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EclipseCon 2008 BoF Schedule is up

The EclipseCon 2008 Birds of a Feather schedule is now available for your viewing pleasure. There is still space available if you want to schedule a BoF of your own. We’re still taking them on a first-come, first-served basis so … Continue reading

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A very simple report on collected usage data

I’ve put together a very simple report on the data collected so far by the Usage Data Collector (UDC). The report itself is static, as querying the database can get quite expensive. I’ve set it up to show a fourteen … Continue reading

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Command Horse Race

Things are heating up and the excitement is building with the the usage data collector (UDC). It seems that debugging is making a play… The five most popular commands over the past 14 days are: (8436) org.eclipse.ui.edit.delete (5289) org.eclipse.ui.edit.text.contentAssist.proposals … Continue reading

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How to install the Usage Data Collector

The Usage Data Collector (UDC) is included in the Eclipse Packaging Project’s (EPP) “Eclipse IDE for…” packages for the Ganymede M4. More specifically, they are included the packages marked “UDC”. You can find them here. The UDC is included in … Continue reading

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