I’m looking forward to the EclipseCon keynotes this year.

I’ve only read a few things from Cory Doctorow, but I’ve really enjoyed those few things (take a gander at this bit of work if you want a taste). I hear that he’s a pretty entertaining presenter. I’m also very interested in what Fake Steve Jobs, Dan Lyons, has to say. I read his blog every day and, excusing the recent US party leadership candidate bashing, it is quite often one of the highlights of my day. Finally, it’ll be interesting to hear what Microsoft’s Sam Ramji has to say about Microsoft’s take on open source and Eclipse. Microsoft always tends to be well-represented at EclipseCon (very often graciously greeting our community leaders as they come off stage after winning awards), but—I’m quite sure—never this openly.

The Early registration deadline, February 14th, is approaching. Register now.

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