Observations from the Usage Data Collector (so far)

I’ve been collecting my own usage data—along with usage data from several foundation employees and some other volunteers—using the Usage Data Collector (UDC) for quite some time now, so we already have several months’ worth of data. Recently more members of the community have picked up the EPP builds that contain the UDC and have started to provide even more data. The information that’s been collected so far shows some interesting results.

The UDC currently collects the following sorts of information:

  • Bundle lifecycle events (start, stop, install, uninstall, etc.)
  • Workbench window activations, and deactivations
  • Perspective changes
  • View and editor lifecycle events (open, activation, close)
  • Command invocations

At this point, we have only made very crude reports of the results, that are generally concerned with ensuring that the UDC is itself working right. Here are some highlights:

  • We have been getting about a 1000 event records each day from each participant.
  • We have participants from fourteen different countries.
  • The bundles from the Eclipse Top-Level Project are used more than any others.
  • Our current population also makes heavy use of PDT, Mylyn, and the XML editing support from WTP.
  • BIRT, DTP, and EMF are closing the gap.
  • Building SQL queries makes my head hurt.
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2 Responses to Observations from the Usage Data Collector (so far)

  1. Boris Bokowski says:

    Wayne, what is the process for getting access to the data?

  2. Mik Kersten says:

    It would be interesting to learn more about how Eclipse usage has changed since our original report. Back then the top commands were Delete, Save, Next Word, Past, Content Assist, and 74% of selections were being made in the Package Explorer. See charts at:


    We have some live stats that are quite similar, but they’re listed ID and don’t use the mapping that the article used. Also note that for a technical reason the Mylyn views and editors are currently excluded from those stats.


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