It was Wayne’s Fault

Today, as I was looking over the BoF submissions for EclipseCon, I decided to decline one of the redundant submissions (Chris must have hit submit twice). I then hit what I thought was a “commit changes” button. Long story short, Karl is now restoring the database from backups and we’re trying to figure out how to withdraw the 513 erroneous emails delivered to speakers. Karl said he’d draft a nice note explaining what happened. For the foreseeable future, Karl doesn’t pay for beer if I’m in the room…

So, if you’ve gotten a message about your talk at EclipseCon that seems a little wacky, don’t panic. Karl’s sorting out my mess. Feel free to chastise me in whatever way you feel suitable.

I’ll be more careful next time. Honest.

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7 Responses to It was Wayne’s Fault

  1. Wayne is an upstanding guy for onwing up. 🙂 Mmmmm beers.

  2. Doug Schaefer says:

    LOL! I’m just glad it was you. I’m sure we’ll spend EclipseCon keeping you away from any buttons :).

  3. Denis Roy says:

    Further proof that plugin/rich client developers have no business near server/web applications. =)

  4. You just invented the concept of spam beer. 🙂 Feel free to bring a truck to Santa Clara!

  5. I suggest “Beers on Wayne” for this year’s t-shirt.

  6. Wayne Beaton says:

    Lynn, how about something like “Keep me away from buttons”?

  7. Nick Boldt says:

    Perhaps you’d like something designed along these lines:

    * Simple:

    * Consequences of button pushing:

    * Political consequences of button pushing:

    See, this is the sorta stuff that we should have in the Eclipse cafepress shop! 😉

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