How to install the Usage Data Collector

The Usage Data Collector (UDC) is included in the Eclipse Packaging Project’s (EPP) “Eclipse IDE for…” packages for the Ganymede M4. More specifically, they are included the packages marked “UDC”. You can find them here.

The UDC is included in all the M5 packages. Nightly builds of M5 are available here. The official, “Public Access” release of the EPP packages will occur on February 26th (according to the Ganymede Simultaneous Release page).

If you download the Eclipse top level project’s SDK, the UDC is not included. You can add it to any Eclipse 3.3 or 3.4 configuration by pointing the update manager to to get a nightly build or for an integration build.

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6 Responses to How to install the Usage Data Collector

  1. Mark Melvin says:

    Wayne, FYI – your URL to the UDC is wrong. It should be

    Also, how come on the UDC page the screenshots looks different from what I get when I install it? It looks like you can view your usage data and provide your own upload URL, but the installed version doesn’t allow me to configure this information? (I installed using the integration build URL.)

  2. Wayne Beaton says:

    Thanks. I’ll fix the link. The screenshots are different because they’re a little old.

    We took out the ability to change the upload URL as part of a “less is more” effort; we felt that the user wouldn’t need (or want) to change the URL, so we removed the field.

  3. Mark Melvin says:

    Hmm.. Well for people that base their commercial products on Eclipse it would be an interesting feature to have in place (with full disclosure, and on a voluntary basis, of course). But if all the data goes to you guys and is mixed in with Eclipse users worldwide, there isn’t much point. 😉 Unless, of course I am missing something here.

    I guess there is always the option of changing the source, but if it was accessible to change this via a preference setting it would be much more convenient – even if it was via plugin_customization.ini in your product. I haven’t actually looked at the source yet – but I guess if it is still a preference (just a hidden one), it may still be doable in the current version.

  4. Manuel Selva says:

    Thanks Wayne for this post about how to install UDC


  5. Lloyd says:

    Can i know where exactly the upload url can be configured? We need to monitor the usage of our organization’s custom made perspectives and views internally. It would be of great help if anyone can tell me how to do it.
    Thanks i advance,

  6. Wayne Beaton says:

    You can override the upload URL via system property -Dorg.eclipse.epp.usagedata.recording.upload-url=…

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