A very simple report on collected usage data

I’ve put together a very simple report on the data collected so far by the Usage Data Collector (UDC). The report itself is static, as querying the database can get quite expensive. I’ve set it up to show a fourteen day period of results. I haven’t setup an automated process for updating the report yet; until I sort out how to do that, I’ll manually update it every day or so.

The report shows command, perspective, editor, and view usage. I’ve limited the various tables to show only the top 100 entries; this seems to only be limiting for commands at this point. You can view the report here.

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4 Responses to A very simple report on collected usage data

  1. Dude, where’s the BIRT report?

    What type of Eclipse evangelist are you :)?

    I tease I tease 😛

  2. Wayne Beaton says:

    It’s coming. We’re setting up the server. There’s only so much that Denis can do at once…

  3. Denis Roy says:

    Just keep kicking me, Wayne, just keep kicking =)

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