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The Interesting Part

The Eclipse Examples project has been provisioned! I’ll spend some time later this week setting up the landing page and get to work moving some of my examples into the new project. Frankly, it’s exciting as heck for me. Over … Continue reading

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Tracking Equinox Services in Eclipse RCP

This video podcast shows a simplified example of Equinox services in action. It shows declarative services being dynamically discovered using a service tracker that updates the user interface to show the services that are available. The example also shows Equinox … Continue reading

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Eric Rizzo, Top Newcomer Evangelist

Eric Rizzo received the Top Newcomer Evangelist award at EclipseCon 2008. In this podcast, Eric discusses his tireless work with the Eclipse newcomer newsgroup, getting help with Eclipse, and more. The link should also soon be available on Eclipse Live.

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GSoC Timeline

The Google Summer of Code timeline is posted in the GSoC FAQ. According to the timeline, students have until March 31 to submit their project proposals. Don’t delay, submit today!

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Video Podcast: Creating an Equinox Service using Declarative Services

I just posted a video podcast titled “Creating an Equinox Service using Declarative Services“. This video podcast briefly describes Equinox services and goes through the steps required to create and run a service using the Equinox Declarative Services (in incubation … Continue reading

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GSoC Students: Read this carefully

We’ve received many wonderful applications; I’m really looking forward to this term’s GSoC. Students, you need to submit your proposals through the Google Summer of Code system. You can find it here: You will have to register with Google … Continue reading

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Apply Now! Google Summer of Code 2008

Google has opened their Summer of Code 2008 application system up for students, so now is the time. The student application deadline is March 31 @ 5pm PDT. We have already received a bunch of applications and there’s some good … Continue reading

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