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Lots of custom views, editors, and perspectives; not so many commands

If you take a look at some of the recent reports generated from the usage data collector, you may notice that there are a lot of custom (i.e. not from views, editors, and perspectives out there, but not so … Continue reading

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Et toi, p2?

Whenever I think of p2, I just can’t shake the image of the little dog in the stories we used to make up in French class in elementary school. “Pauvre Pitou. Il a sauté par la fenêtre…” But I digress… … Continue reading

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Update to “Understanding Layouts in SWT”

I’ve been hacking over the last couple of days on an update to the Understanding Layouts in SWT (the original is here). I’ve had my eye on updating this article for a while, but have been skittish about tackling it … Continue reading

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“20 Things”

The first thing I asked about “20 Things” was for the pop culture source of the title. Apparently (according to McQ), there is none. The first thing that I noticed about “20 Things” was that there are only 17 things … Continue reading

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E4: Don’t make a fuss, just get on the bus

I sat in on the “Modeling the Workbench” breakout session at the E4 Summit. Before I go too far, it’s worth pointing out that there is a lot of activity going on here and I’m only able to capture some … Continue reading

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E4 Resources

After the coffee break, we had a discussion of making resources available for the E4 effort. Jochen Krause (RT Project Lead, RAP Project Lead) from Innoopract, the major contributor to Eclipse RAP, is dedicating 3-4 developers to the E4 effort. … Continue reading

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E4 Summit: Surrounded by Germans

I’m at the E4 Summit this morning. I’m completely surrounded by Germans (which is a Good Thing™). To my front is Boris Bokowski of the Platform team (who actually lives in Ottawa). To my right is Jochen Krause from RAP. … Continue reading

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