JavaOne: Do Not Enter

JavaOne is not what you might call my favourite show. This sign about sums it up for me.


How welcoming is that? It’s “Java + You”, but “Do Not Enter”. Let the lovefest begin. Did I mention the beanbag chairs?

The keynote this morning was uninspiring. With Java FX we can make lots of fancy graphics with animated flames and stuff. How cool is that? And now… Neil Young. Frankly, I what was not said speaks louder than anything that actually was said.

Mike and I did a talk today titled “The Many Moons of Eclipse”. The talk was well-received. Mike has been doing a talk like this for years. Two years ago, the audience asked for more code. Last year they asked for a demo. This year, we tried to give them both. I demoed an application that I’ve been writing running on eRCP on a Nokia E90, and RAP and RCP on Ubuntu Linux. This is the same application that I spoke about yesterday. Here’s a screenshot of the RAP version:


RAP totally rocks. I feel great pity for anybody who doesn’t know about RAP (and will be taking some steps over the next week or so to resolve that problem).

After our talk, I spent a few hours in the exhibit hall at the Eclipse booth chatting with people about various Eclipsey things. This is the shining light for me at JavaOne: interacting with people who are as excited about Eclipse technology as I am (and I’m pretty excited about it). I spoke with a couple of folks from Quest about some first-class integration they’ve done between Eclipse and JProbe. I’m looking forward to getting some trial software for review. I’ve spoken with dozens of other folks who are building their businesses based around Eclipse technology.

Mike and I walked past James Gosling and Jonathan Schwartz today. Jonathan gave Mike a curt nod. I’m sure it was very exciting for him (Jonathan that is; Mike seemed indifferent)…

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4 Responses to JavaOne: Do Not Enter

  1. Meredith Parrish says:

    I think the real indifference toward Eclipse results from the stagnation most users feel. Eclipse isn’t progressing as a product, it’s a complicated community worse than the JCP, and less well managed. NetBeans appears to be getting a lot of momentum, what are we going to do about it!!!

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  3. Michael Baehr says:

    For months I read about eRCP on the E90, but I have never found a download link for it. So where to get it?

  4. Wayne Beaton says:

    Hi Meredith. Respectfully, I disagree. It is true that the Eclipse platform is maturing, but there is still plenty of innovation. The effort around provisioning, p2, is a great example of Eclipse projects responding to feedback from the community and building real value into Eclipse. Mylyn is another great example of innovation that is pushing the boundaries of the development process.

    Do you include yourself in “we”? If so, let me ask you the same question, “what are we going to do about it?”

    Michael, I’m not sure where you get the eRCP for the E90 (the phone I have came with it installed already). I’ll try and find out.

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