Some pictures from JavaOne

The Eclipse booth at JavaOne is being hosted this year (as it is normally hosted) by a broad cast of Eclipse committers, representatives from member companies, and other generally-knowledgeable people.

Yesterday, some of the folks from nexB hung out at the booth, answering questions about Equinox and being all-around great ambassadors for Eclipse. Here are the nexB folks (along with Lynn and Donald) during a lull in the excitement (it’s hard for me to take shots when there’s lots of activity at the booth, as I end up being one of the folks chatting with the visitors).


A highlight of the show for me was meeting up with Luke Li, and old friend from university (back then we knew him as Danny Li). Here’s Luke eating the fish after a great Sushi dinner.


Hanging out with the nexB guys, and then later with Doug and Shaun from EclipseLink and Virgil from BIRT is the best part of the show for me.

Today, be sure to drop by the Eclipse booth. I’ll be there from 1130 to 1330 to chat about Equinox, runtimes, and everything else you want to know about Eclipse. Mik Kersten will be there from 1330 to 1500 to talk about Mylyn, and Oliver Wolf will be there from 1500 to 1630 to talk about Swordfish. FWIW, no real swordfish were injured during our sushi-fest last night…

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