E4 Resources

After the coffee break, we had a discussion of making resources available for the E4 effort.

Jochen Krause (RT Project Lead, RAP Project Lead) from Innoopract, the major contributor to Eclipse RAP, is dedicating 3-4 developers to the E4 effort. Innoopract is particularly interested in working toward better Eclipse integration on the Web; specifically CSS and Scalability. In keeping with earlier themes, they expect to backport some of the innovations (like multi-user enablement in the 3.x stream).

McQ (Eclipse Project PMC, Platform Project Lead, and more) from IBM reinforced his team’s intent to keep the 3.x stream alive. The Eclipse project is currently gathering requirements for the 3.5 release. His team will contribute a 10-person investment to E4.

A lot of people in the CDT community are interested in contributing to the flexible resources model. Doug Schaefer (Tools PMC, and CDT Project Lead) from WindRiver has volunteered (or was volunteered) to lead the effort. Chris Recoskie (DSDP DD, CDT) from IBM has at least one person who will be working on E4.

Christian Campo (Riena Project Lead) from compeople stated that the goals of Riena are compatible with E4 goals. So while Riena cannot explicitly commit to development resources on E4, developers are working toward similar targets. If development toward this goal fits better in E4 than Riena, then it can be contributed there.

Now, we’re starting some breakouts.

FWIW, we have a webcam in the room. Check-in once-in-a-while to see what’s happening (hopefully server won’t fall over).

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