Evangelism Site Makeover

I’ve spent some time over the past few days reworking the Eclipse Evangelism site. Perhaps the first thing that you’ll notice is that I’ve simplified the look of the page.

The second thing that you should notice is the list of “evangelism” resources. I’ve started cleaning up some of my talks and am posting the slides where other folks who might want to do some Eclipse evangelism can find them. So far, I’ve posted my “What is Eclipse?” and “Engaging with the Eclipse Community” talks (in Open Document and PDF formats). I have a couple of other talks that I tend to use a lot that I’ll be posting soon.

I’ve been going through a bit of a minimalist phase lately, so the “Community” talk feels a little clunky to me (it’s anything but minimalist). But having more content on the slides should make it easier for folks to reuse the materials. I have tried to include some instructor notes to make them easier to reuse. The presentations are released under the EPL, which is probably not the best mechanism for slides. I’ll have to look into relicensing them under more appropriate terms.

As noted on the page, I do intend to move the example code that’s found there into the Examples project. That should happen over the next little while.

ganymede_wallpaper_640×480.jpgThe latest addition to the page is some new wallpapers contributed by Gavin Fung (see Bug 232145). Gavin has provided the image in two sizes. It’s pretty sweet looking.

I’d like to make this page be a place where people can find useful evangelism resources, including evangelists. If you need an Eclipse speaker for your event, send a note to evangelism@eclipse.org and we’ll try to help you out. If you fancy yourself as an Eclipse evangelist, please subscribe to the evangelists mailing list. Please make a point of sending an introductory message announcing yourself to the group so that we know a little bit about you.

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