Project Pairing Visualization

At Nick’s suggestion, I’ve been tinkering with using Zest to visualize the project pairing data that I’ve spend so darned much time gathering from the Usage Data Collector results over the past week.

This image was generated using the “Spring graphlayout algorithm to represent how closely related the various projects are.


The spring layout algorithm pulls the most frequently used project combinations towards each other, so those projects most commonly found in the wild naturally drift to the middle.

I’m not very happy with the way that it’s drawn; I’ll work on that over the next few days. Right now, it runs as an SWT application. I may turn it into a plug-in.

The graph helped me notice a few other bundles that needed to be rolled into their project (recall that the names shown on the report and in this graph are taken from the third segment of each bundle’s symbolic name). So, in the next version of the report (and this graph), ‘cvs’ will be rolled into ‘platform’, and ‘contribution’ into ‘ajdt’. I also decided to roll those curious ‘mylar’ references into ‘mylyn’.

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4 Responses to Project Pairing Visualization

  1. Ian Bull says:


    let me know if I can help. There may be some things we can do with the layouts (break some of the links, and reposition nodes) to clean this up a bit.

    Also, maybe we can group some of the projects hierarchically first, and use a directed graph, and then spring within these.

  2. Ian Bull says:

    Also, in my PDE viz tool, I made the lines almost invisible, and only brought them into focus when items were selected. This may help here too.

  3. Wayne, you could use CompositeLayoutAlgorithm with HorizontalShift algorithm to make graph nodes not overlap with each other. You can also make it interactive and highlight nodes connected to selected one.

    Though for this kind of data, simple 2D matrix sorted to group higher values together may work better or you could use 3D bars or color temperature to visualize values at the project intersection.

  4. Zviki Cohen says:


    Regarding your suggestion – creating several Spring layout graphs connected as directed graph – is this supported in Zest? How?

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