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Event Service

I blogged a while back about the potential use of a bus for delivering property change notifications in place of the very common observer pattern. A reader commented that the exact service I need to implement that sort of thing … Continue reading

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Holy Cow!

Participation in the Usage Data Collector has been nothing short of outstanding. As of this moment, we have gathered usage data from more than 22,000 users (more than 20,000 new participants this month alone). The usage trends page shows this … Continue reading

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Paste Snippet

Try this in Eclipse Ganymede (one of the variants that includes the Java development tools): Copy this text: System.out.println(new Date()); Bring the Package Explorer into focus (make sure that none of the existing projects is highlighted) and select “Paste” from … Continue reading

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Eclipse IDE for Education

I just created bug 239808, Eclipse IDE for Education, as a proposal for a new component in the SOC project. Please add your comments on the bug. While you’re at it, we’re looking for volunteers… The proposal originates from the … Continue reading

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Java Forum Stuttgart 2008

There’s something about the Java Forum Stuttgart conference that I really like. The conference is a little on the large size (I believe that I heard that there were 1,200 attendees) which gives the exhibit area a really busy feel. … Continue reading

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But I’m not a Newbie!

If you have a question about some Eclipse project, the newsgroups are your best bet. If you’re not sure what group is appropriate for your question, post it on newcomer. Posters to newcomer are often redirected to other newsgroups, but … Continue reading

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