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Kneel before Zod!

It’s official. I am the new PMC Lead for the Technology Project. It’s all about the power. All must kneel before Zod. Actually… it’s all about responsibility. That, and the power to crush your enemies. Can you tell that I’m … Continue reading

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Reviewers and Editors Deserve Love Too!

We have what has been referred to as an “embarrassment of riches” in Eclipse Corner. We have a lot of articles that are either in development, or are ready for publishing. The problem is that we have a bit of … Continue reading

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SWT Graph

The SWT Graph Source Forge project provides some pretty sophisticated interactive graphical technology for Eclipse RCP-based applications. The sample images shown on the examples page are pretty cool, but the description of the underlying technology seems even cooler. Layered canvases … Continue reading

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Ingres Cafe: Best Development Tool

Ingress CAFÉ (Consolidated Application Foundation for Eclipse) was selected as the Best Application Development Tool at LinuxWorld Conference & Expo this week. Congratulations!

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Compile your Eclipse RCP application to a native code executable

Dmitry Leskov introduced me to Excelsior JET at JavaOne this year. Excelsior JET 6.5 will enable you to compile your Eclipse RCP application to a native code executable and distribute it without the original class/jar files. My first question, when … Continue reading

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Wanna see some numbers?

I’ve got some numbers from from the usage data collector for the month of July. It’s the first full month of real data. Currently, I’ve only got data for commands, views, editors, and perspectives used; the information is restricted to … Continue reading

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Write lots of code

I generally enjoy reading Jeff Atwood’s Coding Horror blog. Yesterday his post, Quantity Always Trumps Quality, made me think of two things. First, the thoughts conveyed are exemplified at Eclipse: we value code over specifications; code is written, mistakes are … Continue reading

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