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OSGi development with Eclipse Equinox – Tutorial

Lars Vogel is quickly becoming one of our most prolific contributors. His latest entry teaches the reader how to create that first bundle and gently introduces the terminology and technology around OSGi and Equinox. Send comments about the article directly … Continue reading

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I spent a couple of hours at CASCON 2008 today. The conference, brought to us by the good folks at IBM’s Centers for Advanced Studies (CAS). This conference brings together researchers from industry and university to learn from each other … Continue reading

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Committer Satisfaction

I think we all agree that committer satisfaction is important. As the Eclipse Foundation dedicates resources into developing more and better services for committers, it behooves us to have some sense for whether or not we are indeed improving the … Continue reading

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JUnit Testing GUIs

I’ve been filling in some of the gaps in unit testing on the Eclipse Examples project’s Eclipse Business Expense Reporting and Tracking (EBERT) component. My focus over the past several days has been to make sure that the user interface … Continue reading

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There is a Brazilian Eclipse Community…

I’ve been corresponding with a Brazilian developer who has some questions about SWT. Unfortunately, there’s a language barrier that’s preventing me from being helpful. I know that we have a fairly large contingent of committers from Brazil; does anybody out … Continue reading

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CoFFEE anyone?

Scott beat me to the punch here, but I think this is interesting, so I want to share more… The Lead Project, a 3-year European Union funded research project, has created an interesting bit of software that they’re calling CoFFEE … Continue reading

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Wow. Just wow

Today, I am envious of the SWT developers. Clearly they have made a huge difference in at least one person’s life… Yesterday committer Scott Kovatch checked in some accessibility code for the Cocoa port of SWT. In his post to … Continue reading

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Konstantin Komissarchik has joined the Technology PMC

It is with great pleasure that I welcome Konstantin Komissarchik to the Technology PMC. Konstantin brings with him a lot of experience from the Webtools project where is is Project lead for the very active WTP Common Tools project. He … Continue reading

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Presentations in Eclipse

I’ve been tinkering on-and-off for a couple of years on some Eclipse-based presentation software. My primary motivation is my distrust of existing presentation software. Curiously, I get a new head of steam on the “project” every time PowerPoint or Open … Continue reading

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