Eric Rizzo Joins the Technology PMC

Eric Rizzo has joined the Technology PMC. Anybody who has been paying attention will no-doubt recognise Eric’s name. He was the winner of the “Top Newcomer Evangelist” award at last year’s EclipseCon. If you spend any time in the Eclipse newsgroups, you’ve likely come across his name. He is very active in the newcomer, and platform groups. And in many others. He’s pushed a lot of useful changes into our infrastructure to make things easier for users. Eric is not a committer on any Eclipse project, but he is very knowledgeable about Eclipse technology. He works with an awesome team that builds Eclipse-based products for Skyway Software. He’s well-versed in RCP and numerous other Eclipse projects. He has contributed to numerous bugs. He’s wrestled with PDE Build. I see Eric as a yin to our yang: he approaches Eclipse from the consumer side; while we approach it from the producer side. He can help with community development. He’s an energetic, smart, commonsense sort of guy who I believe will add a lot of value.

Please join me in welcoming Eric!

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One Response to Eric Rizzo Joins the Technology PMC

  1. Christopher Daniel says:

    Congrats, Eric!

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