EclipseCon 2009 Eclipse Platform UI/RCP Track

Chris Aniszczyk and Boris Bokowski are two committers that the Eclipse community recognises by their first names alone. Stories of their tireless contributions to Eclipse projects and the community are legendary. These guys are giants in the community. Their names will one day be rendered in flashing tubes of neon…

Too much? A little over the top, perhaps. But not, IMHO, that much…

About a week ago, I spoke with Chris and Boris about EclipseCon 2009. You can access the podcast from Eclipse Live (which, incidently, has lots of great live content for your every Eclipse need).

This podcast was arranged to discuss the EclipseCon 2009 tracks that Chris and Boris represent on the Program Committee, Platform UI/RCP and “Other”, but also covers other areas like Eclipse Platform 3.5 development, changes to the Plug-in Development Environment, and e4.

The Platform UI/RCP track has something for everybody. If you’re just starting to learn how to build Eclipse plug-ins, the Building Commercial-Quality Eclipse Plugins tutorial should set you on the right path (it’s actually rated as an ‘intermediate’ talk). For the RCP developer with a little experience, Advanced Eclipse Rich Client Platform tutorial introduces some advanced topics in the area of Eclipse RCP based applications.

The track’s main stage talk, Eclipse on Rails and Rockets, promises to be an exciting one! It has nothing to do with Ruby; it’s about trains and spaceships. How cool is that? In this talk, “Swiss Federal Railway and NASA team up to present how Eclipse RCP has made an impact on technical solutions for operations of railroads and robots”. Experience seems to be a prevailing theme (along with silly names). In Max and John’s Excellent Plug-in Adventure: The Highlight Reel, we’ll learn more about real-world experience with Eclipse plug-in creation, including anti-patterns and solutions.

There’s far more at EclipseCon than can reasonably be covered in a single podcast or blog post, but these are some of the highlights.

Throughout the discussion, we cover other topics. Boris talks briefly about some of the changes to JFace DataBinding; Chris speaks briefly about some new features in the Plug-in Development Environment (including better support for OSGi Declarative Services) and his work on the new version of the Eclipse RCP book, and more.

FWIW, if you want to keep in the loop to know what’s coming, you can join in with the Eclipse platform team on the #eclipse channel on IRC.

The early registration deadline for EclipseCon 2009 is February 14th. Get your sweetie what they really want for Hallmark day this year: register for EclipseCon today.

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