Eclipse Business Expense Reporting Tool

I’ve been blogging about the Eclipse Business Expense Reporting Tool (EBERT) over the last couple of days for a few reasons.

First, as an example, it’s important to make sure people are aware of it. It’s not a very good example if nobody knows about it. My intent is to use these blog entries as a starting point on the documentation for the examples; the documentation currently has a home in the Eclipse Wiki and the content from this blog will find a home there.

Second, discussion on the examples-dev mailing list has been very slow to start and I need to get feedback on these examples.

EBERT shows a lot of Eclipse Technology at work:

The multiple platforms support (desktop/server/embedded) provides opportunities to show how Equinox dynamically pulls pieces together at runtime (using package imports). There’s potential in the application to demonstrate other technologies, including Declarative Services, EclipseLink, and Higgins. As a demonstration of the power in Eclipse, all the example is designed to pull all these pieces together dynamically; different kinds of technology can be swapped in and out.

So why am I blogging about this? It’s simple: I want your feedback.

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3 Responses to Eclipse Business Expense Reporting Tool

  1. Manuel Selva says:

    Hi Wayne,

    This morning I read your post called Services, Services and Services. I found it very useful and from my point of view it’s nice to have examples showing more than simple features in order to be able to build “real applications” starting from samples !!!

    As a conclusion here is my answer to your question “Should I just keep it simple, or are these ideas that need to be explored in the example?”

    it would be very nice to have these ideas explored in the example.


  2. Sudhakar says:

    Currently I’m focussed on RCP and writing loosely coupled applications. I’m hoping to both learn from your blog and also dig into EBERT to learn best practices.

    I’d love to see more in-depth blogs on the internals of EBERT and how the code is organized.

  3. KANAGARAJAN says:

    Hi Wayne,

    Good day, I am trying to create new project on Eclipse RCP and RAP. I have tried to see your code for reference in . But, In CVS the project was not availed. Can you please share your code. Thanks in advance.

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