ATF Termination Review Deferred

Today, we ran a termination/archive review for the Ajax Toolkit Framework (ATF) project. The current project committers just haven’t had time to dedicate to the project and so development has stalled. The docuware for the review is on the projects page (at least it is today).

I’m happy to report that we’ve deferred the termination pending a continuation review. The PDT team has, citing the importance of Ajax development tools to the PHP community, asked for time to assemble a plan for reinvigorating the ATF project.

So… we’re deferring the ATF Termination review pending a continuation review. More on this later.

I do think it’s important that we terminate those projects that reach a natural conclusion. But… clearly ATF hasn’t reached that natural conclusion just yet.

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One Response to ATF Termination Review Deferred

  1. Ian Bull says:

    I still think the termination story we have at Eclipse needs to be reviewed. What does it mean “natural conclusion”?. No development plan? What if Ed and company decided that the proceeds they got from the new EMF book was enough to retire on. Does this mean EMF should be terminated, CVS tree archived and downloads removed? This will have a small impact on release train ;).

    I can’t speak for ATF as I haven’t used the framework, but just because development ends, doesn’t always mean that a project as reached a natural conclusion.

    A few of us have discussed this issue here (, but nothing has come of it yet.

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