Finishing up the Galileo Release Reviews

I have been making my way through the results of the Great Galileo Release Review of 2009. It’s a slow-going, fairly mechanical process that eats your brain. The process has given me (if this is possible) even more respect for Anne who usually takes care of this sort of thing. I’ve been trying to work my way through the provided review documentation, ensure that project downloads contain all the stuff they’re supposed to contain (like about.html files, for example), ensure that incubating projects are labeling their downloads according in-line with the guidelines for parallel IP, and so forth. It’s only a few minutes for each project, but it’s mind-numbingly mechanical. Pity me.

It’s good that I have other distractions to break up the monotony…

I’ve added an additional review to our June 24th review date. The RAP project is undertaking the creation of a new “RAP Incubator” with the stated goal of being a place “experiment with alternative ideas and technologies”. A lot of projects have incubators. Pragmatically-speaking, an incubator is a great place to leverage the Parallel IP process while working on new ideas. It’s also a great way to grow new committers while mitigating the risk to the main project. If you have the time, please review the creation documentation and/or the project proposal; post your questions about the review on the RAP project’s newsgroup.

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