New Committer Handbook

Last week I started working on the New Committer Handbook as a resource to help—curiously enough—new committers get up to speed with all those things that they need to know.

It’s still very much a work in progress, but it’s coming along nicely. My ultimate goal is to provide a concise resource that give the reader the baseline of information that they need to know to function as an Eclipse committer. There should be nothing new in the document, but it should (hopefully) be easier to wade through all the stuff one needs to know in order to properly function in that role. The document makes heavy use of pointers to more information.

It’s a bit of a challenge to keep in concise and informative. These goals are generally in opposition to one-another, but I’m trying to strike that balance. I’m sure that it’ll require several iterations before we get it right.

Anyway… feel free to contribute.

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2 Responses to New Committer Handbook

  1. Dave Carver says:

    One thing I noticed is that there is a descrepency between the Charter terminology and the information in the handbook. In particular the standard charter refers to Contributors as Devlopers (i.e. they don’t have rights to committ or add code to the repositories), but it says there role is documentation updating. The problem here alomst all of the project documentation is stored in CVS which means there is no way for them to easily update it.

    We have the wiki, and there is a movement to single sourcing documentation, but CVS documentation still requires committer rights to update. Wiki based documentation doesn’t.

    Is there a possibility to get the Charter updated from Developer to Contributor? Contributor includes non-techies, where Developer implies technical.

  2. Wayne Beaton says:

    I believe that changes to the charter requires board approval.

    I have created Bug 284053 to track.


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