“Wir werden e4 in Helios wiedersehen”, Part Five

Logistics and infrastructure is the topic in part five my interview in Eclipse Magazin.

5. 33 projects – that also means a certain personal and logistic effort to be managed by the Eclipse Foundation. Which infrastructure has been established to assure that the processes are respected by the projects?

Formally, the release train is really the responsibility of the Eclipse Planning Council, so they’ve done most of the work. It’s mostly about communication and the Planning Council has done a great job of making sure that the various participating projects have kept open those lines of communication. The EMO is represented on the Planning Council, so we’ve been an active part of the process from the beginning. Logistically, the EMO has been responsible for helping projects assemble their intellectual property (IP) logs, and facilitating the public reviews necessary for each of the projects to make a release in time for Galileo. We undertook some fifty project reviews; additionally, three projects graduated into the “mature” phase (i.e. made a 1.0.0 release).

The Eclipse Webmasters worked their usual magic for the release. Our Webmasters regularly work miracles and the efforts that they put into making Galileo a reality was no exception. They have been very heavily involved in getting the Galileo build infrastructure working, and making sure that everybody is able to get the bits for Galileo by creating and seeding bittorrents, and making sure that mirror providers have everything that they need. Additionally, the Webmasters have been very heavily involved in the Babel project; Babel provides the infrastructure that allows the community to provide translation of the many natural language strings included in the many Eclipse project. More that that, the Webmasters have been (and continue to) provide ongoing support for the vast, impossible-to-enumerate number of things that projects need help with.

See part one, part two, part three, and part four of this series.

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