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How to Fix a Bug in Eclipse

Remy Suen’s “How to Fix a Bug in Eclipse” article is now available on In this article, Remy discusses various tips and techniques for getting involved with an Eclipse project and providing a patch. I discussed this article a … Continue reading

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Project Plans

I am encouraged by the number of Eclipse project plans that have been updated over the last few weeks. I’m very positive that we will have most of them set in time for the approaching a September 30 deadline. I … Continue reading

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IP Log Tool Update

I’ve been working on a new version of the IP Log tool. This version leverages some pretty cool Eclipse technology. The first thing you see when you use the tool is the wizard. The wizard can populate a new IP … Continue reading

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If you plan to plan, you fail to fail

No. That’s not it. If you plan to fail, you fail to plan. Nope. What was it my SCUBA diving instructor said? Oh yes… if you fail to plan you plan to fail. Good planning is an important part of … Continue reading

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New Information in UDC Reports

I’ve tweaked the way that the existing reports of usage data are being generated. For each type of report, we now include the bundle information (symbolic id and version). With this, you can see how many users are using particular … Continue reading

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Upcoming Project Reviews

We some reviews coming up on September 16. First is a release review for Visual Editor. I think that this should come as a great relief for many in the community; I see lots of questions about this on various … Continue reading

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“Wir werden e4 in Helios wiedersehen”, Part Seven

I’m lumping the last two questions about Galileo from my interview in Eclipse Magazin into this final part seven of the series. 7. Galileo is over now and the next release cycle is waiting – there is even already a … Continue reading

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