Upcoming Project Reviews

We some reviews coming up on September 16. First is a release review for Visual Editor. I think that this should come as a great relief for many in the community; I see lots of questions about this on various mailing lists and forums. Further, I tend to get at least one personal email message a week about the state of this project. Well, the state is that the development team has been working hard to make Visual Editor work with the Eclipse Galileo release and is geared up for a release review of what they’re calling version 1.4.

You’ll probably notice that the release documentation for Visual Editor 1.4 is a little brief. After some reflection, I decided that the documentation was sufficient given that this release really isn’t introducing any new functionality, but rather can be regarded as a bug-fix release (as described in section 6.4 of the Eclipse Development Process) and so a release review isn’t strictly required (see exception #3). We decided to go ahead with the review since the version number doesn’t conform to the usual bug fix numbering convention of incrementing only the “service” segment for bug fix releases.

Next up is Sequoyah. “What is Sequoyah?”, I hear you ask. Well, Sequoyah will be the new name of what has previously been known as the Tools for mobile Linux Project. The move/rename review documentation describes how the TmL project contains components that are useful on many mobile platforms, not just Linux and so a rename is in order. It further discusses how some code wound up being put into the Mobile Tools for Java project due to timing issues and that’s it’s now time to move that code to its more appropriate home. There are some other code contributions occurring as part of this move and so I encourage you to take a closer look at the document.

You can find out more about the review schedule on the “What’s new with Eclipse Projects” page. These reviews are an opportunity for the community to ask questions at key points in a project’s life-cycle. I invite everyone to find out more about these reviews and participate. Even better, get involved with the projects before the reviews so that you can participate more actively!

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