Project Leadership

There is some awkward wording in the current version of the Eclipse Development Process with regard to project leadership. I’d like to try and clean that up.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

4.6 Leaders

There are two different types of project leadership at Eclipse: The Project Management Committee (PMC) and Project Leads. Both forms of leadership are required to:

* ensure that their project is operating effectively by guiding the overall direction and by removing obstacles, solving problems, and resolving conflicts;
* operate using open source rules of engagement: meritocracy, transparency, and open participation; and
* ensure that the projects and its sub-projects (if any) conform to the Eclipse Foundation IP Policy and Procedures.

4.6.1 Project Management Committee (PMC)

Top-level projects are managed by a Project Management Committee (PMC). A PMC has one or more PMC Leads and zero or more PMC Members. Together the PMC provides oversight and overall leadership for the projects that fall under their top-level project. The PMC as a whole, and the PMC Leads in particular, are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the Eclipse Development Process is understood and followed by their projects. The PMC is additionally responsible for maintaining the top-level project’s charter.

PMC Leads are approved by the Board; PMC members are elected by the existing PMC Leads and Members, and approved by the EMO(ED).

4.6.2 Project Lead

Eclipse Projects are managed by one or more Project Leads. Project Leads are responsible for ensuring that their project’s committers are following the Eclipse Development Process, and that the project is engaging in the right sorts of activities to develop vibrant communities of users, adopters, and contributors. The initial project leadership is appointed and approved in the creation review. Subsequently, additional Project Leads must be elected by the project’s committers and approved by the EMO(ED).

In the unlikely event that a member of the project leadership becomes disruptive to the process or ceases to contribute for an extended period, the member may be removed by the unanimous vote of the remaining Project Leads (if there are at least two other Project Leads), or unanimous vote of the project leadership of the parent project.

In exceptional situations, such as projects with zero active committers or projects with disruptive committers and no effective Project Leads, the Project Leadership Chain has the authority to make changes (add, remove) to the set of committers and/or Project Leads of that project.

4.6.3 Project Leadership Chain

The leadership for a project is composed of the project’s Project Lead(s), the leadership of the parent project (if any) and the PMC Leads and PMC Members for the top-level project.

This is being discussed on Bug 300002. Your comments here or there are most welcome.

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