Happy New Year!

My wife said something interesting to me when I arrived home from EclipseCon on Friday night. “It must be nice to be able to relax now that the conference has passed”, she said. Funny. Funny in that I feel like there’s so much more to do now that EclipseCon has passed.

For me, EclipseCon is like my professional life’s New Years celebration. We get together. We reflect on the past year. We make plans for the new year. There’s drunkenness. Heck, throw in fist-fight and it’d be almost exactly like New Year’s Eve…

So, in that spirit, I hereby make the following resolutions:

  • I will continue to streamline the Eclipse Development Process to make it leaner, meaner (in a good way), and better for all;
  • I will dig myself out of this hole that I’ve found myself in and start blogging regularly again;
  • I will pro-actively help those projects that I (as a member of the Architecture Council) am mentoring get their footing, and get on their way to developing vibrant communities;
  • I will find creative ways to wrangle invites over to swim in Doug’s pool;
  • I will help drive the maturation of Git as a first-class VCS at Eclipse and evangelize the EGit project;
  • I will assist David and the rest of the Planning Council in making Helios into yet another Simultaneous Release success story;
  • I will continue to work with universities to foster Eclipse “coolness” and develop students’ Eclipse-development skills;
  • I will adopt as many of the cool new e4 technologies as possible in my own projects, and will produce builds that run on Eclipse 4.0; and
  • I will endeavor to use only public APIs in my own projects.

I’m sure that there’s more. But that’s a good start anyway.

Happy New Year, everybody. I feel like I need to go jump in a frozen river

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