No Gerrit for you…

… at least not yet.

Getting support for Git up and running at Eclipse presented us with a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem: in order to make Git first class at Eclipse, we need a quality Git team provider (Bug 293192); but to create that team provider, we needed a Git repository (forcing the EGit project to develop in CVS just felt wrong).

After much internal discussion, we decided that the right thing to do was to allow the EGit project to set up and manage their own Git server. The benefits of this were (at least) two-fold: first, the EGit project could do their development in Git (which seems pretty natural) and it gave the Eclipse Foundation staff a live Git server (along with readily available experts) to gain experience and develop expertise. Based on that experience, Git is now available for use by your Eclipse project (and EGit is coming along nicely).

While they were at it, the EGit project installed Gerrit. Again, we were pretty excited about this (there was much discussion) for the same reasons. We’re not quite ready to go with Gerrit yet. We still need to work out the hardware infrastructure, and there are some IP Policy issues with regard to contributions that we need to get more comfortable with. But it’s coming. Bug 283749 is tracking Gerrit adoption at Eclipse.

So… today, only EGit gets to use Gerrit at Eclipse. There’s no Gerrit for you. But soon…

If you’re keeping score, I blogged about this in December.

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