An Interesting Number

I’m writing a little utility that scans the server to compare the contents against our IPZilla database. Essentially, I’m scanning for third-party libraries distributed from our servers. My script looks for any “*.jar” file (case insensitive) found either directly in the file system or contained within any ZIP or GZ (I don’t scan into nested archives). I write out the full path of every matching file.

The resulting file is 46.5MB.

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4 Responses to An Interesting Number

  1. Jeff McAffer says:

    Must be an XML file 🙂

  2. Wayne Beaton says:

    Nope. Straight text. One path/file name per line.

  3. Erdal Karaca says:

    /me wonders where the interesting part about that number is…

  4. Wayne Beaton says:

    @Erdal it’s the 6.

    More seriously, I find the number interesting because it’s so large. That just the names of the non-org.eclipse JARs occupies that much space blows my mind. It’s probably more interesting to me because we at the EF tend to worry about how disk space is used (mostly in terms of impact on our mirrors).

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