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Intellectual Property Management

Most definitions of success for an open source project includes widespread adoption: while the value of the satisfaction you get from writing a great bit of code shouldn’t be undervalued, it’s a great deal more satisfying when something you’ve built … Continue reading

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Tracking Contributions

Eclipse projects are required to maintain a log of intellectual property (IP) contributions (an IP Log). This log keeps track of the third-party libraries that are directly referenced and/or distributed by the project, IP contributions made to the project by … Continue reading

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Welcome Students!

Google Summer of Code 2011 is in full swing. Well, it’s almost in full swing: the accepted student proposals were announced today. Many of the students are still wrapping up their winter term exams, so the real fun can’t begin … Continue reading

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Updated Eclipse Projects Landing Page

Last week, I unveiled a new Eclipse Projects Landing page. So far, the feedback I’ve received has been almost entirely positive. Frankly, I figured I’d get beat up over it being “too busy” or something, but I’ve received none of … Continue reading

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Eclipse Projects: What’s New on April 20, 2011

We have three reviews are scheduled for the week of April 20-27/2011. You can provide feedback on these reviews on the channels indicated in the review documents, or on the eclipse.proposals forum. As is their tradition, the EGit and JGit … Continue reading

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