Updated Eclipse Projects Landing Page

Last week, I unveiled a new Eclipse Projects Landing page.

So far, the feedback I’ve received has been almost entirely positive. Frankly, I figured I’d get beat up over it being “too busy” or something, but I’ve received none of that. The only not-entirely-positive (though not strictly negative) feedback I received was a question: who is the target audience?

It’s a good question that deserves an answer. I see this is as the landing page for anybody who cares about Eclipse projects. It’s not the place you go if you just need to download some great technology; it’s where you go to find out about new project proposals, upcoming project reviews, and just generally find out about what kinds of projects we have at Eclipse.

I think we do a pretty good job with the “what’s new” pieces, but I think we can do better with the “finding out about projects” part. I’ll keep working on that.

There are a few buttons on the page that feel a little out of place. I’ve included a few handy links for committers that may be better located on the Committers Landing page. I’ve included them on the Projects page because I figured that committers would be one of the main consumers of the functionality.

Anyway… I think the page looks a lot better and is a heck of a lot more useful. As always, I look forward to your feedback so that we can improve it even more.

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