Indigo Reviews, Part deux

The first round of Eclipse Indigo Reviews is complete, with all reviews receiving a passing grade. That means that we have forty projects down, and twenty-two to go (total of sixty-two). The remaining projects reviews–listed below–will wrap up our Indigo Review activity. Note that three projects–EGit, JGit, and WindowBuilder–are graduating along with their release. They join the five projects that graduated in the first round of reviews.

  • BIRT 3.7 Release Review
  • Eclipse 3.7/4.1 Release Review
  • Amalgamation 1.2 Release Review
  • CDO 4.0 Release Review
  • EGF 0.5 Release Review
  • QVT Operational 3.1 Release Review
  • Eclipse Communication Framework 3.5.1 Release Review
  • Equinox 3.7 Release Review
  • Jetty 7.4.2 Release Review
  • EGit 1.0 Release/Graduation Review
  • Gyrex 0.10 Release Review
  • JGit 1.0 Release/Graduation Review
  • Linux Tools 0.8 Release Review
  • Eclipse Packaging Project 1.4 Release Review
  • C/C++ Development Tools 8.0 Release Review
  • Graphical Editing Framework 3.7 Release Review
  • Memory Analyzer 1.1 Release Review
  • PHP Development Tools 3.0 Release Review
  • Parallel Tools Platform 5.0 Release Review
  • Sequoyah 2.0 Release Review
  • Mobile Tools for Java 1.2 Release Review
  • WindowBuilder 1.0 Release/Graduation Review

Along with this final round of Indigo reviews, I’m including the Sapphire Project’s 0.3 Release Review.

Sapphire aims to raise UI writing to a higher level of abstraction. The core premise is that the basic building block of UI should not be a widget (text box, label, button, etc.), but rather a property editor. Unlike a widget, a property editor analyzes metadata associated with a given property, renders the appropriate widgets to edit that property and wires up data binding. Data is synchronized, validation is passed from the model to the UI, content assistance is made available, etc.

You can find links to the review materials for all of these projects on the Eclipse Projects Gateway page.

Also new is the Lyo proposal.

The focus of the proposed Eclipse Lyo project is to provide an SDK — including candidate reference implementations, test suites, and code libraries (including samples and examples) — for enabling Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) implementations by tools in the ALM, PLM, and IT Service Management across different languages and platforms.

Note that creation reviews for Orion and Hudson will be scheduled in the coming weeks.

As always, your involvement in the project proposal and creation process is invited.

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2 Responses to Indigo Reviews, Part deux

  1. Stampie says:

    Sorry for only saying negative in this comment, but the Hudson link points to the Lyo project.

    Ok, I was lying, this was an interesting read, thanks for sharing. 😀

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