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Bye Bye Mon UDC

For reasons that are difficult to articulate, I can’t get a particular Mitsou song out of my head (a little glimpse into the horrors of the early-90s late-80s Canadian music scene). But anyway… The Eclipse Foundation has decided to shut … Continue reading

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The Great Git Migration

You may have noticed that Git is a pretty big deal at Eclipse. We’ve come a long way since the topic was first broached at EclipseCon 2006. As of today, we have 61 projects at Eclipse with Git repositories. Of … Continue reading

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Is a CQ required?

The Contribution Questionnaire (CQ) is the entry point into the Eclipse intellectual property (IP) due diligence process (the full process is defined in the Due Diligence Process poster). The term CQ has expanded from it’s original meaning. Originally, CQs were … Continue reading

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PMC Veto of Committer Elections

Last week, I vetoed four committer elections for two Technology projects. Two weeks ago, I counselled another PMC about their approval of an election that I would also have vetoed. I hate saying no to people. Committers are elected to … Continue reading

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