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Vendor Neutrality in an Open Project

Imagine that you want to contribute to an open source project. You visit the project to browse the information provided by the project team and make your way to the downloads page. There, you discover that the downloads are hosted … Continue reading

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Top Ten Ways to Say Eclipse

Every couple of days, I get an email from somebody looking for a price quote for Eclipse. Generally, the sender is a software reseller acting on behalf of a client. Sometimes they ask to partner with us, sometimes they just … Continue reading

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Open Source Rules of Engagement

The Eclipse Development Process (EDP) defines–in its section on principles–three open source rules of engagement: Openness, Transparency, and Meritocracy: Open – Eclipse is open to all; Eclipse provides the same opportunity to all. Everyone participates with the same rules; there … Continue reading

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Active Projects

I ran a query against Dash to get some sense for project activity over the past couple of years. The graph below shows a comparison of how many active projects we have at Eclipse, compared against the total number of … Continue reading

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