Top Ten Ways to Say Eclipse

Every couple of days, I get an email from somebody looking for a price quote for Eclipse. Generally, the sender is a software reseller acting on behalf of a client. Sometimes they ask to partner with us, sometimes they just want a simple price quote. In all cases, I answer with some boilerplate text that I keep around:

Eclipse is free and open source software that is distributed royalty-free under the terms of the Eclipse Software User Agreement. Please let me know if we can be of further assistance.

Now, the interesting thing for me, is the number of different product names people use to describe the thing that they want to buy. Here are a few of my favourites (in no particular order).

  • Eclipse Foundation Eclipse Galileo SR1 3.5.1 EN 01
  • IDE License JAVA programming: Open Source
  • The “Eclipse” Software
  • “For a Better World” (an Eclipse Publication)
  • LTO Ultrium 5 1500 GB Data Cartridges
  • Eclipse Indigo (3.7) Packages for Mac OS
  • Eclipse + plug-in
  • ECLIPSE IDE for Java EE Developers epp.package.jee for Win7
  • ECLIPSE Practice Management Software/Medical Billing Software
  • SCA dev lab Software and SCA tools

There’s a couple in there that seem to come out of nowhere, obviously from folks who have us confused with somebody else. Curiously, I get almost no email about soccer clubs or vampires.

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