Children of Juno

I loaded the PHP Development Tools into my fresh installation of Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers Juno M5 this morning. As I was waiting for the contents of the Juno software repository to load, what I saw in the status bar made me giggle:

Maybe it’s just me. But “Fetching children of Juno” made me laugh. Out loud (Sharon already thinks I’m nuts). Perhaps this is because I’ve been looking forward to reading the latest book in the “Percy Jackson” series, “Order The Heroes of Olympus: The Son of Neptune” with my son. Or perhaps it’s just a hint of latent sixth-grade Roman history knowledge. Or maybe I’m spending too much time working with the various projects at Eclipse that are participating in this year’s simultaneous release.

There are a great many children of Juno at Eclipse. At present, we have seventy children projects in the list. That’s seventy projects who are working together to produce an impressive stack of software.

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  1. It would be nice if we had a placeholder page at, it’s currently empty :/

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