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Managing Committers in the Project Management Infrastructure

I’ve been struggling for a while to think of a good way to implement committer management in the new project management infrastructure. Here’s an example of what we have in the Developer Portal today: This component lists each committer with … Continue reading

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Start Simple, Then Build “Call of Duty”

My son is taking a course in computer programming at his high school. As is the case for many (most?) high school students in Ontario, they’re using a programming language named Turing. I initially hated the Turing programming language. That … Continue reading

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Understanding Layouts in SWT

An unrelated problem drew my attention to the Understanding Layouts in SWT article. It’s always bugged me that the many screenshots in this article are represented in JPEG format. JPEG is a lossy format that, in my humble opinion, is … Continue reading

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The Eclipse that Everybody is Looking For…

Our dependence on search technology grows. A while back, I posted the Top Ten Ways to Say Eclipse. It seems like every few days, I get a new one to add to my list. I get asked about Eclipse cables, … Continue reading

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Transparent and Open

The term “open and transparent” rolls off your tongue. While somewhat more cumbersome to say, I tend to prefer reversing the order: “transparent and open”. I prefer this because I believe that transparent precedes open; and far more open source … Continue reading

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