The Eclipse that Everybody is Looking For…

Our dependence on search technology grows.

A while back, I posted the Top Ten Ways to Say Eclipse. It seems like every few days, I get a new one to add to my list. I get asked about Eclipse cables, Eclipse wire strippers, Eclipse massages, and more. The variety is inspirational.

Most of the people who contact me are pleasant enough. Some acknowledge that they’ve probably contacted the wrong person. Some people are downright nasty. Again, the variety is inspirational.

I’d wager that all of these misdirected missives, are the result of the sender simply typing the name of whatever it is that’s itching them into their favourite browser, clicking the first thing in the list, and navigating our contact links until they find the most promising email address. The pages do pretty well in terms of page ranking on Google, so we’re probably the first hit for anything “eclipse”, and once you get that first hook, it’s only two clicks to the “General inquiries” (EMO) email address.

Oh well… I guess that it only takes a few seconds for me to explain that we’re not the eclipse they’re looking for

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