Migrating Eclipse Project Websites to Git

The Eclipse webmaster has the necessary bits in place for us to complete our migration to Git: we have begun the process of migrating the eclipse.org website from CVS to Git.

As of this moment, the content for nineteen (19) of the 254 subdirectories on eclipse.org are managed via Git. A handful of these directories are managed by Eclipse Foundation staff (e.g. /articles, /resources, and /projects), but several are owned by Eclipse projects (e.g. /virgo, and /jetty).

Web directory Git repositories are all organized under /gitroot/www.eclipse.org on the Eclipse Foundation’s Git server. We’re using naming conventions to make various scripts work, so the Git repository directory has the same name as the corresponding directory on the web server, with a “.git” suffix (e.g. the /r4e web directory has a Git repository located at /gitroot/www.eclipse.org/r4e.git). The old directories still exist in CVS, but have been marked read-only; in time these will be archived.

We’re still in the looking-for-volunteers stage; if you want your project’s web directory migrated to Git, please open a new bug. We’re using Bug 324116 as an umbrella for the migration, so make your bug a blocker on 324116.

In the meantime, with 114 days until the end of days CVS is made read-only, project source code repository migration to Git seems to have stalled a bit: we’ve been hanging at the ~60% mark for a while. The Modeling project is doing some housecleaning that will likely result in as many as twenty (20) projects being terminated; this should have a significant impact on the migration numbers. Starting in September, I’ll be hunting down the remaining projects to migrate. For help, please see Migrating to Git.

You can see the “CVS Hall of Shame” using the project status page.

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4 Responses to Migrating Eclipse Project Websites to Git

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  3. I am trying to start developing a website in eclipse. I have XAMPP installed on my C:/ drive and I have installed Eclipse for PHP deelopers. I have JRE installed and XAMPP on it’s own (with apache and mysql) do work, when I edit files directly from folders (htdocs/) using a notepad or some other editor. But now I would like to migrate my project to Ecplise, because developping there is easier. But I don’t know how to set it all up to start working in Eclipse and running my projects using XAMPP from Eclipse. Plase help, thanks in advance…

    • waynebeaton says:

      You need to either make the htdocs directory an Eclipse project directory (i.e. create a project with the htdocs directory as its location), or set up Apache to recognize your workspace as as a document directory (i.e. Apache serve files out of your workspace).

      The former is probably easier (unless you are familiar with Apache configuration).


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