Eclipse CVS will be shut down in 77 days…

Hey Eclipse Project Leads!

The retirement date for CVS is approaching fast! If you have not already done so, you need to initiate plans to migrate your project repositories (both source code and website) to Git.

All projects currently using CVS must migrate to Git before the deadline. All CVS repositories will be shut down on December 21/2012; projects that have not migrated by that date will be natural candidates for termination and archival.

Note that we are making a special exception for Orbit. Orbit’s CVS repository will become a “Tier 3” IT Service.

Please be sure to update your project metadata so that the “source repository” field contains correct information. Note that Git repositories should be listed as “/gitroot/[project]/[repository].git” (e.g. /gitroot/dash/org.eclipse.dash.maven.git). If you don’t keep this information up to date, your project may incorrectly appear on the “CVS Migration Wall of Shame“.

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2 Responses to Eclipse CVS will be shut down in 77 days…

  1. jmini says:

    The link to “Tier3” is wrong. Missing the http prefix (internal link instead of eclipse wiki).

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