The Great Kepler Release Review, Part 1

The Kepler edition of the Eclipse simultaneous release goes live on June 26/2013. It’s an exciting and busy time for Eclipse project committers as they put the finishing touches on their bits, and prepare documentation for the release.

The number of projects increases by one from last year’s Juno release. A few projects decided to leave the simultaneous release this year and several others stepped up to take their place; joining the simultaneous release are EMF Diff/Merge, Sphinx, Stardust, Hudson, and Maven Integration for Web Tools Platform.


In addition to the official Kepler page, there’s a some additional information on the projects’ Kepler page (including, for example, links to the project release information; you can also step through the links to see past simultaneous releases).

Over the next week, wrapping up on June 12th, we’ll be running the first round of release reviews for Kepler projects. A few projects needed a little more time, and so we’ll continue our tradition of running a second round of release reviews that will wrap up the following week. The projects participating in the first round are listed on the projects landing page (I’m also working on a new page that provides a more comprehensive summary of upcoming reviews, but it’s not quite ready to take over for the projects landing page).

Note that there are a couple of extra reviews listed that are not part of Kepler. EMF Client Platform is engaging in a 1.0 Release/Graduation review, and we’ve initiated the creation review for the Vert.x project‘s move to Eclipse.

Some of the projects involved with Kepler are contributing previous or service releases, and so are not represented in the release reviews (in the Eclipse Development Process, service/bug-fix-only releases do not require a review).

For those projects that are participating in this round of reviews, their review documentation is posted for your consideration. If you have questions regarding the contents of the review documentation, or features and issues regarding the current release, pose them on the corresponding project’s communication channel.

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