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So the Dash backend process is running. Again. In fact, it’s run to completion once already. Dash is the Eclipse Foundation service that provides commit data. Dash is used when we IP Logs, show graphs on project pages, and for … Continue reading

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What’s in a Namespace?

Bug 331397 suggests that we should add a little something about project namespaces into the Eclipse Development Process (EDP). In my mind, there are at least a couple of problems with this: I’d really like to avoid adding anything to … Continue reading

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A “Calling Home” Policy for Eclipse Projects

Last week, I wrote about the creation of a “Call Home” policy for Eclipse projects. It’s been a busy week that’s seen a lot of discussion on Bug 413169 and the Cross Project Issues Dev mailing list. The discussion was … Continue reading

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Eclipse Luna: Who’s in?

Eclipse project teams: this post is for you. It’s time for Eclipse Projects to start announcing their participation in the Eclipse Luna 2014 Simultaneous Release. I’ve changed the way things work with regard to keeping track of who is participating … Continue reading

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Committer Bootcamp at EclipseCon Europe 2013

The programme has been announced for EclipseCon Europe 2013, and I’m in it. I’ll be sharing the stage with my colleagues Denis Roy and Sharon Corbett to deliver the first ever Eclipse Committer Bootcamp. Are you a new committer or … Continue reading

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Eclipse Projects Calling Home

In July, I opened Bug 413169 to start a discussion regarding the creation of a “call home” policy for Eclipse projects. The work-in-progress document for the policy is on the Eclipsepedia wiki. The policy is intended to cover projects that … Continue reading

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Starting the Eclipse Development Process 2014 Document

I’ve created a working document for the Eclipse Development Process (EDP) 2014 document. I’ve made a few changes, starting with bug 415715 (which is not complete yet). Bug 415715 is concerned with correcting capitalization in the document. The original EDP … Continue reading

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