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This Week in Open Source Projects at Eclipse

It’ll be another busy week next week: I have six reviews scheduled. More on that in a bit… The decentralized nature of Git makes it so that it’s no longer possible to expect that somebody who has found your source … Continue reading

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Open Source Project Activity at the Eclipse Foundation

This is a pretty big week for reviews. According to the Eclipse Development Process (EDP), Eclipse open source projects are required to engage in reviews at key points in their lifecycle. This starts with the creation review, but most reviews … Continue reading

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Project Explorer: Opportunity to Contribute

Bug 427897, titled Remove need for “Package Explorer” in favor of “Project Explorer”, presents a great opportunity to contribute to the Eclipse Platform. The primary concern of the bug is improvement in the functionality provided by the Project Explorer view … Continue reading

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Playing with Java 8 Lambdas in the JDT

I’ve been playing with the language a bit while tinkering with the Java 8 support under development by the Eclipse Java development tools (JDT) project. I’ll admit that I’m a little underwhelmed by lambdas in Java 8. This, of course, … Continue reading

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Building and Running Java 8 Support

The Eclipse support for Java 8 is not yet available for download. If you want to play with it, you’ve got to build it. Eclipsepedia’s JDT Core/Java8 page includes instructions for setting up your development environment with the source for … Continue reading

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