Open Source Project Activity at the Eclipse Foundation

This is a pretty big week for reviews.

According to the Eclipse Development Process (EDP), Eclipse open source projects are required to engage in reviews at key points in their lifecycle. This starts with the creation review, but most reviews are concerned with releases. Every major or minor release is preceded by a release review. Service (or “bug fix”) releases are excused from the review requirement.

It’s a particularly busy week for creation reviews.

Eclipse UML Generators

UML Generators Project provides components that automatically bridge the gap between UML models and source code. Either by extracting data from UML models (and UML profiles or decoration models) to produce source code or by reverse-engineering source code to produce UML models.


The main goal of Ogee project is to provide tools for developers who want to consume and produce data using the OData protocol.

CHESS (PolarSys)

The CHESS project provides a model-driven, component-based methodology and tool support for the development of high-integrity systems for different domains. The methodology is particularly suited for space systems and industrial domains.


The project distills the core abstractions of a handle-based model into a uniform API and supply basic building blocks for construction of such models. It borrows heavily from some of the design patterns and principles used in the Java Model, but aims for a generalized albeit partial implementation.


Gendoc generates documentation for EMF models using document templates in formats such as OpenOffice Writer (.odt) or Microsoft Word (.docx).

GeoScript (LocationTech)

The GeoScript project provides a convenient API for the Java based GeoTools library to other JVM languages. GeoScript aims to provide a relatively consistent API between different languages, preferring existing language conventions and semantics over absolute consistency. GeoScript modules can be used in existing applications or accessed via interactive shells. GeoScript does not intend to provide a complete application itself.

It’s also a busy week for release reviews:

Orion 5.0.0 Release Review

The main deliverables for the Orion 5.0 release are a multi-user server based on a Java runtime and a single-user server based on a Node.js runtime.

EMF Client Platform 1.2.0 Release Review

The release adds the new sub component EMF Forms and provided e4 and RAP compatiblity.

Equinox Restructuring (Security and Website Subproject Termination) Review

The Equinox Security and Website projects are no longer necessary. Their assets have already been transfered to other projects and so they are effectively empty. They will be terminated.

Aether 0.9.0 Release Review

First incubation release. The Aether project generally provides two sets of deliverables: Aether Core, i.e. the API, SPI, utility classes and base implementation of the library; and Aether Ant Tasks, a collection of tasks for Apache Ant to employ Aether for interaction with repositories using the Apache Maven format.

Eclipse Git Team Provider 3.3.0 Release Review

This release includes several new features, including the add ability to squash commits directly from the history view, along with usability and performance improvements.

C/C++ Development Tooling (CDT) 8.3.0 Release Review

Usability has been greatly improved around the paths and symbols area and scanner discovery settings. Work continues on supporting new C++ standards C++11 and C++14. We are working on C++11 and C++14 support available in gcc 4.8.

A handful of projects are engaging in service releases:

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding these releases, communicate directly with the project via the specified forum (you can find the appropriate forum by navigating to the project’s “Contact Us” page). For proposals, you can ask questions in the proposals forum.

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