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Some “So Far” Stats for Eclipse Luna

I’m working out some of the queries that I’m going run to gather some stats for the Eclipse Luna release on June 25/2014. I’m starting with the Git repositories. The Git query is relatively simple, taking all commits that have … Continue reading

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More names for Eclipse

I regularly receive requests for quotes from purchasing agents for Eclipse software. In almost every case, they’re looking for an Eclipse-based IDE, but don’t quite know what to call it. Today’s gems are: Eclipse CDT Juno Eclipse Eclipse 352 Eclipse … Continue reading

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Screen Capture: Data Tools

Here’s a quick video of the Eclipse Data Tools in action. From an “SQL Scrapbook” page, you can quickly run and see the result of SQL statements. Configuration: Eclipse for RCP and RAP Developers (Luna M6) Data Tools Platform Extender … Continue reading

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